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Heidi is an Award-Winning Marketing Consultant, Photographer & Content Creator.


I am an award-winning marketer with a passion for strategy, content and design. In the ten-odd years since my career began, I have developed a national social network with a membership of 80,000+, collaborated on multiple award-winning experiential and digital campaigns and managed both social strategy and content development for some of the world's most innovative brands.

Smart Company’s Best Use of Social Media Award (2013)
Online Retailer Industry Awards: Best Social Commerce Initiative (2014)


Images Featured

Intrepid Travel (2016)
Observer (2017) 
The Trackr (2017) (2017) 
Stanford University (2017)
Postcoder (2017)
The Cusp (2017) 
Financially Fit (2017) 

Property HQ (2017)
Global Hobo (2017)
Talented Ladies Club (2017)
Future of Humanity Institute (2017)
Kochie’s Business Builder (2017)
Forbes (2017)
Mouthy Money (2017) (2017)
The Conversation (2017)
ABC Radio National (2017)
Advance QLD (2017) 
Four Over Four (2018)
St. Cloud State University (2018)
Shopify (2018)