Hi there! I'm Heidi Sandstrom.

I'm a freelance marketer, designer and content creator. 

My career began at university after I created a social network for Australian students that ballooned to over 80,000 members nationally in 24 short months. 

Soon after, I was picked up from obscurity to work in my first job (outside of a bookstore!) as Social Media and Digital Marketing Coordinator at an Australian competitor of Mailchimp. 

It was a fun role at a fun company and I worked there for almost two years until an opportunity came up at a dream company - Pengiun Books Australia. I was offered the role of Community Manager and given the chance to re-build their newly acquired brands - Angus and Robertson and Borders bookstores (yes, THAT Borders), newly renamed into Bookworld. 

It was a wonderful opportunity to work with a great team and over the next few years we moved mountains to build a brand that people not only loved, but rallied around. 


While building Bookworld, I conceptualised and developed numerous campaigns, including the Australian launch of The Fault In Our Stars (movie) that won an Online Industry Retailer Award and landed us Smart Company's 'Best Use of Social Media' award. 

I also collaborated on some cool videos like this and this.

Since then, I've spent time at SEEK, Australia's premier employment marketplace and more recently, turned my attention to freelancing, attracting clients such as Deakin University and the United Nations. I now offer my experience and knowledge to businesses (big and small) across Australia looking to kick-start their marketing. 

Want to chat about yours? Contact me today. 

Did you know? 

- I am Google Adwords Certified. 

- I have been inducted into the Squarespace Circle.

- I have managed digital advertising budgets of $1mil +. 

If you're still reading, 

- I taught myself to use Adobe Suite at the age of twelve.

- I love a good cup of tea and can easily drink ten cups in a day (I try not to though!).

- Photography is a passion of mine, and in 2017 I released my first collection: Project Progress: LGBTQIA+ Community Stories. 

- My dog, Huckleberry Finn has his own fan-base on Instagram.