Photographic Collection:

During the early 1950’s, word was beginning to spread that the state of Victoria (Australia) was covered in a layer of gold. The ore was so easy to find, it was said by some miners who travelled abroad, you could make your fortune by tripping over it.

Travellers from across the globe began flocking into the Victorian bush hoping to secure their financial future, building hotels, banks and pubs for the ever-growing number of residents. Towns like Talbot in West-Victoria swelled to a population of thousands with the infrastructure to match.

By the late 1960’s however, as the supply of gold became exhausted, the once-idealistic miners abandoned their towns in droves - leaving the businesses and buildings they had built at the mercy of the surrounding bush.

In this photographic series, I examine the towns that were once central areas of the Gold Rush to see how (and if) they survived when the populations dwindled. I share the towns, the people, their past and perhaps most importantly - their outlook for the future.

The Gold Rush is Over